With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions under phase three a service of worship will resume at Woody Point from Sunday 19 July at the usual time of 9:30am. The hygiene, distancing and tracing requirements will be followed. This will slow entry a little so please allow some additional time before the starting time of the service.

The service will be streamed for those not able or reluctant to meet together at this stage. To connect to the live stream please CLICK HERE.

Welcome to Pensinsula Presbyterian Church!

We take living for Jesus seriously. To this end we are Bible based with emphasis upon teaching and caring. Several Ministries operate within the church.

Jesus said that he came that we might have life…and have it to the full. At its very heart life is all about Jesus. Jesus came into this world and lived and died and rose again that we might know God’s love and forgiveness and the new life that he offers each one of us.

Here at PPC our passion is to see people come to know God through faith in the Lord Jesus. Our desire is to grow as followers of Jesus as we seek to reach our city and reach the world with the good news of what Jesus has done.

Peter and Katrina WhitneySenior Pastor
redcliffe peninsula church

Peninsula Presbyterian Church. Two-year Systematic Theology Course, 2019-2020

Systematic Theology is the study of the truths of the Bible, grouped and arranged according to a logical system.

The course has been developed by Campbell Markham, who is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church of Australia, is passionate about God’s Word, and has been teaching the Bible full time for almost twenty years.

Dates: 2 hour lecture each Thursday night commencing 9th May 2019 and finishing on 20th June with a break from lectures on 30th May, half-way through the ‘Taster’
Time: 7-9 PM Thursday nights. Including a 10 minute break, supper provided.
Who’s Welcome? Anyone who’s keen to work hard to grow in their Bible knowledge!
Registration: For more information, or to register, simply send an email to Course Administrator Bill Wasserman on  wgwasserman@gmail.com

Weekly Worship

Sunday Services

There is an early morning service at Scarborough followed by a morning service at Woody Point.

Aged Care worship services: Services are conducted at several ages care facilities on the Peninsula seeking to encourage in the faith these senior members of our community.

Each of these services seeks to provide Biblical teaching and encouragement to live out faith in Jesus Christ. The music at Scarborough is basically taken from Rejoice, the Hymn Book of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, while the services at Woody Point include more contemporary music as well.

Early Morning Service
8:00am. Scarborough Presbyterian Church
5 Jeays Street, Scarborough

Morning Service
9:30am. Woody Point Presbyterian Church
18A Hawthorne Street Woody Point

Growth Groups
Several of these operate where members are able to learn and grow in the faith, be encouraged and cared for.
Women’s Ministries
There are a number of ministry activities held during the year for women to be built up and encouraged in their faith in Jesus.
Craft Group
This operates for the ladies who share their interests and build relationships as they get to know one another better.
PPC Youth
Operates during the school terms and caters for teens of high school age that they too might learn of and trust in Jesus and live for him.
Sunday School
Operates during the morning service at Woody Point and caters to children from 3 years old through Primary School years.

What we Believe

Theologically we are a Reformed Evangelical church. Our core beliefs are:


We believe in the divine inspiration and infallibility of Holy Scripture and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.


We believe there is one God in whom there are three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the eternally existing, only begotten Son of the Father, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.


We believe all people are sinful by nature since the Fall and are thereby justly subject to the judgement of God.


We believe that salvation from the penalty of sin is found only through the substitutionary atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is by his one true sacrifice that we can have forgiveness of sin & receive the gift of eternal life.


We believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.


We believe it is the Holy Spirit who convicts people of sin and brings them to faith and repentance. Only through the work of the Holy Spirit is the believer able to live a holy life that is pleasing to God.


We believe in the one holy universal church, the body of Christ, to which all true believers belong.


We believe the Lord Jesus Christ will return in person and that he will then bring the full consummation of the Kingdom of God.

We’d love to have you join us!

Postal: PO Box 387, Margate Qld 4019
Email: click here
Phone: (07) 3284 2578